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“The blessing about my apartment in New York was that my landlord skipped town. There was no one to pay rent to, so I lived rent-free for about three years. It was a real blessing.”

Anthony Rapp Rent (Mark Cohen)

You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen,

The guy who got payed to sing about how hard it was to pay rent 8 shows a week didn’t actually HAVE TO PAY RENT.

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One of the best videos I’ve seen on this.


He’s the reason why I live sometimes

I literally had no idea this kind of stuff was happening on youtube at such a grand level. I’ve read racist comments and have seen questionable videos before but I never thought that it was so entrenched in not only the fans but also the youtubbers themselves. This is some very scary shit

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TW: unreality, derealisation

"Unreality is a blanket term that generally refers to things that are blatantly untrue but are presented as though they were fact, particularly when reality itself is questioned. … 

In people who experience depersonalization, derealization, and other similar mental states, this can cause severe anxiety, because it leads them to question whether what they perceive to be real is actually reality, whether they actually inhabit a physical body, or whether they even exist at all. [x]

Seen in the tropes: Your Mind Makes it Real, All Just a Dream, Or Was it a Dream?

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musical theatre fandom be like

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Tumblr on November 1st

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I think that every Front of House Manager stops looking as friendly after 20-30mins after a show ends. They then start thinking loudly at the people hanging out in the lobby, “GTFO, I want to go home.”

Just so you know.

Seriously, stop cheering your kids on…

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A lot covered in one book….

where have you been, jack douglas
what kind of things have you seen



A lot covered in one book….

where have you been, jack douglas

what kind of things have you seen

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Photos of Keke Palmer’s debut as Cinderella will bring tears to your eyes

Keke Palmer took the stage Tuesday night as the title character in Broadway’s Cinderella, marking the first time an African-American actress has played the role on theater’s biggest stage. 

"Dreams do come true" Follow micdotcom

you go girl!!

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